The use of 420 series high carbon stainless steel compliments the intent to create a tough knife that will hold an edge reasonably well (contains 0.4% to 0.5% Carbon). Gerber Remix Tactical 3" Folding, Combo Edge, Tanto PointThe Gerber Remix Tactical Folding Knife is a unique folder that is just right for carry. Note that the knife comes with MOLLE compatible ballistic nylon sheath with a friction-release thumb lock. However, it was also a vast understatement because what had started out in 1939 as a small batch of handmade cutlery sets given as holiday gifts turned into thousands of retail accounts around the country. Read … This ceramic coating also cuts down on your visual signature by reducing glare. The blade retention is great but Gerber makes it super easy to take out with the thumb lock which helps hold the blade in but also allows you to gain leverage when unsheathing the knife. The Gerber Prodigy counters this problem however by giving the blade a black ceramic coating. $0.00. But as I said, when you really need a knife the most, any knife is better than no knife at all. The Prodigy, though, is smaller, slimmer and comes with a narrower blade which makes it more portable than the LMF II and a great option for users with smaller hands. The choice of ballistic nylon for the sheath is also a wise choice because nylon is an extremely tough material that is both waterproof and rot proof. The plain edge one can be bought at Wal Mart The serrated one can be found using this Amazon Affiliate link. WISHLIST. The full tang, U.S. 420HC Stainless Steel blade is beefy, and coated with ceramic for improved corrosion resistance and reduced visual signature. The handle also offers great grip in any weather conditions because of the over-molded rubber they use on it. $13.50. Overall I love the options that the Gerber Prodigy sheath gives you. This gem is also reasonably corrosion resistant. The Gerber Prodigy is the descendant of the LMF II which was also designed by Jeff Freeman of Gerber. In addition, the saber grind on the blade makes the bevel too wide and thus, it prevents the user from creating a really fine edge on the knife. Gerber Knives for Sale Online at Discount Prices. Gerber Prodigy Design cues for the new Prodigy were inspired by the award-winning LMF II, another knife engineered by Gerber's Jeff Freeman. The Prodigy is much smaller (9.75" overall length), but it certainly packs as much punch as its predecessor. Upon first viewing this knife, it was obvious to me that the designer (Jeff Freeman) intended this knife to be a tactical knife and not a dedicated survival knife. In both knives, the blades have a drop point style. LOGIN/REGISTER. It has sort of a rubber coating on the outside. Columbia River A.G. Russell Sting, Black Handle & Blade, Plain,Zytel S ... $35.51. The harder and tougher a blade is, the better its edge retention over time will be. $53.84. $8.00 shipping. This fixed blade is .1875" thick and features molded guard, window punch pommel, and a … Gerber LMF II Combo Edge Fixed Blade Knife. You can check out the LMF II Infantry here. The sheath of the Gerber Prodigy is durable and able to take a beating for sure. This first impression is supported by Gerber’s original description of this knife even though the Gerber Prodigy is currently being marketed as a survival knife and even as a combat knife, despite having a serrated blade. Also, the partially serrated edge located in front of the ricasso tends to preclude using the knife for carving to sharpen stakes and staves and carve the notches needed to create snares and spring traps which is the most important tasks you can use for a survival knife. I took it out for somewhat of a test drive not long ago and used it to baton some wood and it held up great, it has a thick spine and a little weight to it which helps it excel in this area. Design cues for the new Prodigy were inspired by the award-winning LMF II, another knife engineered by Gerber's Jeff Freeman. A top quality custom knife sheath for your Gerber Prodigy. Gerber Prodigy is equipped with a nicely textured and over-molded handle to provide the most comfortable neutral handling. It contains 12% to 14% Chromium and 0.6% Molybdenum which combines with Chromium during forging to create hard double carbide bonds that makes the steel corrosion and abrasion resistant. This knife has great reviews on both Amazon and Gerber's website and offers great features making it one of the best prepper knives out there. The blade measures 4.75 inches and is made of U.S 420 high carbon steel. Watch. It has five straps holding it to the hard sheath to the nylon backing. The blade is partially serrated, but don’t let that scare you away. Wilderness Today’s team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, veteran hunters, and passionate anglers are here to share their firsthand experience with you. This allows the blade to take a good edge and retain it fairly well but due to the high carbon content in the blade is also susceptible to corrosion problems. The Gerber Prodigy knife has an overall length of 9.75 inches and has a full tang, so its a pretty beefy knife and allows you to gather firewood and clean game pretty easily. Gerber. The handle also includes molded quillions and a lanyard hole. GERBER KNIVES AND SHEARS. For instance, although the drop point blade is too short even for minor chopping jobs, it would still serve well for slicing, splitting and puncturing which covers the majority of tasks a user would normally require in an emergency situation. Also, the 420 HC stainless steel is in my opinion not a particularly good choice of steel for a dedicated survival knife especially when there are much better stainless steels for the purpose such as AUS-8 or AUS-10 or even 440C.