[8] Judges, Magistrate Judges, and Magistrates - What They Do Judges, magistrates, and other judicial workers apply the law and oversee the legal process in courts. magistrate. The county does not offer health insurance to magistrates, Judge-Executive Henry Branham said. About the Orangeburg County Regional Magistrate. Clark County, by comparison, has a population of 35,700 and would pay $9,000 a year plus expenses of $3,600 and training incentives. They are appointed by the Governor upon the advice and consent of the Senate for four year terms and until their successor is … The Role of a Magistrate Judge. I encourage you to browse our topics for more details on the types of cases under the Magistrate Court’s jurisdiction. The fifth, a county of 25,000, said it paid $11,409 annually per magistrate. Authority. Massachusetts has 85 statutorily created clerk magistrate positions throughout the District Court, Housing Court, Juvenile Court and Boston Municipal Court. U.S District Court judges have near infinite powers to determine verdicts, and are held to account only by the Constitution itself. Clerk magistrates are appointed by the governor and serve for life or until they retire. You may have an attorney represent you, at your own expense, if you choose. There are approximately 300 magistrates in South Carolina, each serving the county for which he or she is appointed. Magistrates also must continue to reside in the district they represent during their term of office. The constitution requires that each county be divided into three to eight districts in a manner determined by the General Assembly. DeKalb County Magistrate Court is a county court that is called the “people’s court.” We hope you will find useful information on a variety of court-related matters on the DeKalb County Magistrate Court System website. The Douglas County Magistrate (Small Claims) Court handles claims under $15,000 and garnishment actions. Magistrates use their training and sound judgment to oversee the application and enforcement of state laws, municipal laws, and court procedures. For one particular magistrate job in the U.S., related fields are defined to include teaching, social services, law enforcement, arbitration or mediation, the court system, or counseling. The work you do should be tailored to the level and type of magistrate that you wish to become. The Magistrate Court Division Assistant Solicitors in Horry County also handle all third-degree DV cases, while in Georgetown County they handle third-degree assault and battery cases from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, where a defendant has requested a Jury Trial and all third-degree DV cases from the Sheriff’s Office. What types of proceedings do magistrates handle? A county-by-county map of West Virginia’s fifty-five counties with magistrate information can be found here. There are at least two magistrates in every county, and ten in the largest county, Kanawha. Local Rule 18 of the Clermont County Common Pleas Court covers local practice before the magistrates of the court. n. 1) a generic term for any judge of a court, or anyone officially performing a judge's functions. A Magistrate Judge holds a hearing to decide each case. You may file a claim in Magistrate Court without an attorney. One magistrate must be elected from each district, and their term of office consists of four years. Magistrate judge duties change depending on whether they are a federal judge or a U.S District Court judge. The latter is appointed by the president and presides over magistrate judges. The magistrate judge's seat is not a separate court; the authority that a magistrate judge exercises is the jurisdiction of the district court itself, delegated to the magistrate judge by the district judges of the court under governing statutory authority, local rules of court, or court orders.